VM 24H inställt

IAU meddelar att VM 24H är inställt på grund av orsaker de inte kunnat råda över.

It is with regret that the IAU must announce the cancellation of the 2014 24 Hour IAU World Championships. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, the host organisers indicated that it would not be possible to continue with the event in 2014. 

The IAU is aware of the dissapointment  this will cause in the ultra distance community, especially after the cancellation of the IAU 100km World Championships in 2013. 

It was with this in mind that the Executive Committee of the IAU recently met in Belgium to discuss the process by which championships are allocated in future, as well as the timing of the 100km and 24 Hour championships. 

The decision was taken at that meeting to hold the World Championships for 100km and 24 Hours in alternating years. This will now commence in 2016. For 2014, the 100km World Championships are being held in Doha, Qatar in November this year and the next 24 Hour World Championships being held in Turin, Italy in April 2015. 

At the same time, the application process to host the World Championships has been revised and soon applications will be called for the 2016-2018 Championships. Competition delegates from the IAU will be appointed for each event to ensure that the organisation is proceeding smoothly once a championship has been awarded to a host organiser. This, and other steps, will go a long way to removing the chance of last minute cancellation of events in future. 

The IAU wishes to apologise for any inconvinience and disappointment caused by this cancellation, but we trust that the measures being put in place will prevent a recurrence. 

Dirk Strumane
IAU President